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 Character Sheet

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PostSubject: Character Sheet   Sat Apr 19, 2008 8:41 pm


Name: (Your last name is your clan's name if you have one)

Age: (Your character's age)

Gender: (Whether your character is male or female)

Village: (You can be from any country, but most rping will only take place in the main countries)

Student or Sensei to: (Optional)

Looks: (Give a description of your characters appearance)

Family Members: (Optional- People in your family, only need close, Grandma, Son, Brother, Wife, etc.)

Personality: (Describe your character's likes, dislikes, how they act, etc.)

Special Characteristics: (Optional- Demon, Seal, etc.)


Ninja Rank: (You start as Student, but when a team is made you're rank may change, so put the rank you would like to be.)

Elements: (Pick two: Fire, Wind, Water, Earth, Lightning, Ice, etc.)

Main: ; Sub:
(Pick two (Main and Sub): Taijutsu, Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, Medical Arts, Puppeteer, Weaponry, etc.)

Weapon: (Optional- The main weapon your character fights with like a sword or such. You do not have to include shuriken, kunai, or senben, etc.)


Jutsus: (The jutsus your character knows. If you make one up, please post it in the custom jutsus, and be sure to add detailed descriptions.)


Background Story: (A detailed story about your character's life and so on.)

Appearance: (You can paste the code from http://www.tektek.org/dream/dream.php here after you make your avatar, or paste the code for an avatar found on the internet.)


Rping Example (A detailed RP example off the way you rp must be at least 20 words)
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Character Sheet
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