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 Tales of a Ninja V2!!!

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PostSubject: Tales of a Ninja V2!!!   Mon Sep 29, 2008 10:58 pm

Since no admins ever get on I decided to create a v2 to TOAN.
All admins that sign up will recieve their status as soon I see their
name.I might not use forumotion for v2,I'll use something different like
Lefora or something.In the end close to no one will read this so I'm
going to just make v2 and get a bunch of users.Oh and just to tell you
on v2 ONLY ACCOUNTS that are ACTIVE will be transferred.

Here is the list of all the admins that will already have an account:
1: Drake
2: John
3: Narutofan6789

I'll post the link here:
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Tales of a Ninja V2!!!
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