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 eura shiguretsu

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eura shiguretsu
eura shiguretsu

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PostSubject: eura shiguretsu   eura shiguretsu Icon_minitimeTue Apr 22, 2008 1:36 am

name:eura shiguretsu




looks:look at the pic

family members:descendant of the first and fith hokage

personality:unpredictable,patient, smart but doesnt act like it,understanding

special characteristics:silver chakra,can use wood element,can read emotions

ninja rank:undetermined

elements:earth and water

skills:main ninjutsu sub weponry and fuuinjutsu((sealing jutsu))

weapon;((shotsui))a wooden katana as hard as titanium and so sharp can cut the air(4ft long) all the regular equipment,kunai shuriken,etc.

return to humanity jutsu
supresses the demon in a jinchuuriki

great incaser
creates a large cage to trap the target((its incredibly strong))

water clone
makes a solid clone out of water

stone clone
makes a solid clone out of rock((this is type of clone is more durable))

water encampment
creats a wall of water to block attacks

water shock wave
a massive burst of water floods the area

earth dome jutsu
creates a dome over the target(s) that steals their chakra and can use this chakra to repair itself its dificult to use jutsu in this

foerst creation jutsu
makes trees grow at an incredible pace the user can control these trees with this jutsu as well

golem animation
creates golem(s) out of rock to attack defend etc. the size is determined by how much rock is used in the jutsu

sleeping coffin jutsu
((requires quite alot of time and chakra to use this)) wood covers the target in a coffin the way the wood is polarized completly stoppin the flow of chakra sealing the target in their own body the target goes in a hibernative stasis so they dont age hunger ect. the time when the target is sealed and unsealed is instantaneous even if it was 10000 years to the target

thousand needles of death
solidifys water into hundreds of needles impaleing the target

encroaching tsunami
calls a massive wave of water to crush the opponent

torrenting waves
cyclone like waves launch at the opponent trying to shred them into pieces
((their razor sharp))

heavenly cherry blossoms((signature move or the one your famous for))
when the air is heavy with chakra the user makes a special kind of tree witch absorbs the chakra in the air paralyzing everyone with a 100yd radius even the user the trees absorb all the chakra in such a maddening way creating a rift of no chakra in the area stopping all chakra flow((thats what paralyzes everyone)) the trees the release the chakra in a seemingly slow pace but is ubeleivably fast since its an explosion that looks like millions of cherry blossoms gliding toward them the only way to aim with this technique is to attach a special type of wood that attracts this condensed chakra with a polarity that repels chakra it would knock it back makeing it swarm around it and destroying the target. the stress of useing this move is incredible enough to knock out the user for two weeks straight if it didnt kill you first

backround,story:ever since eura was little he was known for his ability to read emotions one day in the academy a student attacked eura out of rage for being caught stealing. eura tried to escape by useing a replacement jutsu but insted used forest creation jutsu by somehow trapping the student to the wall.this little incident got the current hokage's attention and he got one of the first hokage's jutsu scrolls so he could learn wood element jutsu although hed have to learn it on his own at the age of 14 he learned and mastered all the jutsus on the scroll when he was 15 his parents died in a missin nin raid on the leaf village ever since then eura has worked on becomeing more powerful so something like this woud never happen again

we're all human tell me if im godmodding to any degree. try to pm me though about it

your naive, time is an illusion and so is death

conflict is what life depends upon there is no greater hell than an utopia

this is creation by the way
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eura shiguretsu
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