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 Countries and Background

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Fire Country:

The Leaf Village is among the five great ninja villages. It was founded by the 1st Hokage, which he named it Leaf Village (his ninjutsu are trees and plants). Ninja here are known for their wide variety of jutsu. Konoha also contain the most ninja and powerful Jonin, along with Legendary Sannins and Hokages. They are the most powerful of all villages. The Leaf Village was a very peaceful village until the incident 12 years ago, when the Nine Tails Demon Fox attacked and killed many people, reducing their military power. Missing-Ninja of the Leaf Village have stirred up many problem for them. Also in the Leaf Village is the Forest of Death, used during the Chunin Exam and the Valley of the Dead, the river gateway between the Leaf Village and Sound Village. It is also home to many infamous clans, among them are the Hyuuga Clan and Uchiha Clan, Aburame Clan, and Akimichi Clan. There are many secrets hidden within the Leaf Village yet to be reveal.

~Forest of Death:

The Forest of Death is set in the second test of the Chunin Exam, which can be found in Leaf Village. It is surrounded by a metal fence, containing 44 gate entrances. It has a river running around the tower. Located inside the tower is a large arena and many resting rooms. It is also the battle stage for the preliminaries match before the third and final test. What is hidden inside the Forest of Death is unknown, but we can say that it contain poisonous plants and hungry creatures looking for food. Casualties are often aroused in the Chunin Exam. Note: The preliminaries match only occurs if there are too many participants for the final match.

~The Great Naruto Bridge:

The Great Naruto Bridge is named after Naruto Uzumaki, symbolizing the strength and courage. It stands as the bridge that will never fall and a symbol for the country's great achievement. It was started by an expert bridge builder, Tazuna, hoping for free import and export. His mission sent him to Village Hidden in the Leaf to hire ninjas to protect him from Gato's men. The bridge connect the Wave Country and Fire Country.

The Wave Country:

Wave Country has no hidden villages. Also reffered to as the Whirlpool Village. It is a very peaceful and isolated country, furthermore, it's an island. The country relies mostly on their agriculture produce. Tazuna built a bridge connecting to the Fire Country, increasing the process of importing and exporting goods. Gato, a banker wanted to monopolized the import and export industry for his own expenses, thus damaging the country's economy. Inari rallied the villagers to fight for their country and end Gato's rein of terror.

The Wind Country:

The Sand Village is among the five great ninja villages. It's an up and down village to be precise. They have faced military and budget issues. They even join forces with the Sound Village to crush the Leaf Village, lead by Kazekage. They are now allies with the Leaf Village. Ninja here are quite skillful and unique in their jutsu ability. The Wind Country is very low on their political affair with other countries. They now have strong alliance with Fire Country, as Leaf Village with Sand Village. Their military forces have been reduced quite a bite. The country experience wind a lot but not strong enough to kill.

The Water Country:

The Water Country is an island country of its own, separating themselves from the other four. The Water Country is like an independent country with little contact and political affairs with other countries. Though it's small country, their Ninja Academy graduation test is quite gruesome, fighting to the death that is. It's main village is The Village Hidden in the Mist.
The Mist Village is among the five great ninja villages. Ninja here are known for the water element jutsu. To be promoted to Genin, academy student are pin together in a death match against friends. It is also home to Zabuza, a boy who fail to pass the preliminary exam, who went a-wall and killed all the graduating student that year. This village is also home to the Kaguya clan and the Seven Swordsmen, famous for carrying around giant sword, most noticeably Kisame and Zabuza.

The Lightning Country:

The Cloud Village is among the five great ninja villages. Ninja here are known for their electric jutsu. Rain Country exists somewhat under it's rule. Their main village is The Village Hidden in the Clouds. Not much is known about this country as of right now.

The Earth Country:

The Rock Village is among the five great ninja villages. Ninja here are known for their earth element jutsu. In the past, the Rock Village has been at war with the Leaf Village. Not much is known about this country or it's affairs as of now. The country is full of caves, mountains, and rigid highlands. It is here that you will find the largest mushroom. It can grow as large as a boulder or up to 10 feet in height and width. Their main village is The Village Hidden in the Rocks.

The Rice Field Country:

The Rice Field Country is a very small country. A civil war raged out between them and the Gold and Silver Country because the country's Feudal Lord wanted to increase its supply into the country. After their defeat, the Rice Field Country became invisible to other countries. There armies have reduced dramatically. The New Messenger, Orochimaru, had a plan to expand the country under his rule.

The Grass Country:

Not much is known about the Grass Village except that they specialize in floral type jutsu. Their main village is The Village Hidden in the Grass.

The Rain Country:

Not much is known about the Rain Village except that they specialize in water type jutsu. They are also skillful in using umbrellas. Their main village is The Village Hidden in the Rain.

The Waterfall Country:

Not much is known about this country, though it has a huge waterfall in core of the Waterfall Village. Their only prized possession is the Hero Water. The Waterfall Village can be found in the Waterfall Country. The entrance of the village is through the great waterfall, and swimming through the several water holes inside the waterfall to get to the village itself. Inside the village contains a great tree. Inside holds the Hero Water of the village. The Hero Water is extract from the giant tree every 1 hundred years. The Hero Water will increase the drinker's chakra tenfold but the side-effect is death. Their ally is the Leaf Village.

The Snow Country:

The Snow country was a small and peaceful country constantly experiencing winter. It went through a period of hardtimes until the weather control generator was activated, allowing the country to finally experience Spring. The country had been on economic hard times for several years. Hidden Village in the Snow, way up north lies Tsurara. Shimokage protects all in this area. People from here have great genjutsu skills. However their village is very poor, because they are very secluded from all the other villages, and none usually try to travel here because of harsh weather conditions. It always snows in Tsurara, causing low crops, and little food. Tsurara's people have a saying that sticks with all who were born here. 'All for one'. The village Tsurara is very large, but because of it's lack in missions the ninjas must work ten times harder then other villages to prove themselves to get even a quaint amount of missions. The houses here are uncomfortably small and lack warmth. Most Shinobi and Kunoichi here are very advanced in their skills of genjutsu, making them great for retrieving missing-nin, or to become one themselves. The ninja here rely on no one but themselves, causing other villages to find them to be selfish, but in fact it was just they way they were taught, so they could become the best ninja, get missions, and get money for their village. You will not find many generous Shinobi from this village, if you do, it is indeed a rare sight. Currently Tsurara has had a large number of Shinobi and Kunoichi leaving their village, the lack of Shinobi caused the current Kage to alliance with neighboring countries and organizations. They are currently in alliance with the Village Hidden in the Jungle, as well as the notorious organization Ikustaka. The past Kage of Tsurara was Kiru, a young fifteen year old female who had controled darkness, her friend seems to to be the first leader of Ikustaka, however the first leader of Ikustaka has not been seen for months, when she was found, she was deceased. Not much else is known about the young Kage Kiru. She was later killed by the Second leader of Ikustaka, Kumi. The latest Shimokage is Haruhi Haruhara, half sister of the leader of Ikustaka. It has now been confirmed by various Genin and Chuunin that the Second Leader of Ikustaka is a former Jounin from the quaint village Tsurara, perhaps this village has had more fights and disasters then it seems.

Moon Country:
The Moon Country is located on Crescent Moon Island in a southern sea. The country draws its name from the shape of the island itself. It is unknown if the country utilizes a hidden ninja village.

Bear Country:
The Bear country is one of the few countries in the world which harbors a shinobi village. The exact location of the Bear Country is unknown but it is marked by many forests and mountains. A chakra-enhancing meteor hit the country-side approximately 200 years ago. Those who found the meteor referred to it as a fallen star. A hidden village developed in the country based around the usage of this meteor-s powers. The border of the country is marked by a crevice with poison fumes at the bottom. This crevice and poison helps deter any outsiders from invading and stealing the meteor. Hidden Star is a lower shinobi village, being allied with Leaf. However it has not yet participated in the Chuunin Exam with the other countries. The ninja of this village meditate around the chakra enhancing meteor, honing and enhancing their chakra. The village is small and must rely on outside help when their manpower is not enough. Because of the importance of the star, children in the village are given names related to stars and constellations at birth.

Sun Country:

Hakumeigakure, The Village Hidden in the Twilight. This peaceful, quiet village is the home to many artists and scientists. The town is constantly in twilight, but night is seperable by the fact that the sky turns a dark lavender color. Most of the time, the sky is a burnt orange color. It stays out of political affairs and is known as a wonderful vacation spot due to it's warm weather and chirping birds. There is a lake near the village in which many tourists swim.

~Twilight Lake:

Near The Village Hidden in the Twilight. This lake is a very popular tourist spot, as many people come here to swim. They try to ask people not to fight or spar here, but sometimes that's not enough.
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Countries and Background
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