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The bijuus are big and wild creatures, they have a giant quantity of chakra. Because their destructible power, some bijuus are sealed away inside the bodies of human beings, know as jinchuurikis. Many wars started against and because these beasts.

Here is a list with the information of each bijuu (total of nine):

One Tail:

Name: Ichibi no Shukaku, or Suna no Shukaku (Shukaku of the sand)
Sex: Male
Animal: Tanuki
Characteristics: Sand/wind manipulation.
Extra Info.: In japanese mythology he is known as one of the five elemental gods, his element is wind.
He confronted other bijuus, he defeated Soukou (Yonbi), but he lost against Nekomata (Nibi), Raijuu (Rokubi) and Isonade (Sanbi). His strength is rated as the uplast (before the last) of the bijuus.

Two Tails:

Name: Nibi no Nekomata (Two-tailed cat)
Sex: Female
Animal: Nekomata
Characteristics: She has the ability of throwing big fire balls. She also controls spirits.
Extra Info.: She defeated Kaku (seven tails) and Isunade (three tails), but lost against the powerfull Kyuubi no Yoko. Her strength is rated as number four of the bijuus.

Three Tails:

Name: Isonade (Sanbi)
Sex: Male
Animal: Its like a shark and a turtle joined together
Characeristics: He is an water element user (Suiton).
Extra Info.: Acording with the japanese mythology, Isonade is a shark with an horn on his head. He lives in the deep waters of the west of Japan. Each month, Isonade comes to the superfice to get some air. When he do that it provoques storms that make the nearest boats turn themselves into food. Isonade is an subordinate fish called Samehada (the same name as Kisame's sword). Samehada lives inside Isonade's stomach, and it absorves an incredible quantity of food turning it into chakra. Samehada's power makes Isonade earn 5 times the chakra he normaly earn (Isonade). Isonade defeated Ichibi (one tail) and Kaku (seven tails). He runned away from his battle against Orochi (eigth tailed). His strength is rated as number six of the bijuus.

Four Tails:

Name: Sokou (Yonbi)
Sex: Male
Animal: Basílic
Characteristics: Using poison.
Extra Info.: He phisicaly looks like a chicken joined with a snake, being the waist-down a snake and from the waist-up a chiken. He lives in the desert like a scorpion. He never won a battle against any other bijuu. He lost against Shukaku (one tailed), and Kaku (seven tailed). Hes strength is rated as the last of the bijuus.

Five Tails:

Name: Houkou (Gobi)
Sex: Female
Animal: White dog
Characteristics: Each tail represents an elemental power : Wind, Water, Earth, Fire, and Thunder.
Extra Info.: This bijuu is able to mix elements and provoke natural disasters. She is also known as god of illusions.
She defeated Sokou (four tails), Nekomata (two tails), and Raijuu (six tails). She lost against Kyuubi no Yoko. This bijuu is rated as the third strongest of all bijuus.

Six Tails:

Name: Raijuu (Rokubi)
Sex: Male
Animal: Chinese dragon with an golden body and six tails that emit shock.
Characteristics: Manipulation of the element katon and raiton. He was the god of thunder but they transformed him into a unstopable beast.
Extra info.: Acording with the japanese mythology, he seems to be a golden dragon with six tails, and he was eliminated by a kinjutsu called "Raikiri" performed by a shinobi called Sarutobi (this as nothing to do with the hokage). He represents the thunder god. He defeated Shukaku (one tail), Sokou (four tails), and lost against Houkou (Gobi), Yamata no Orochi (eight tails), and off course Kyuubi no Yoko. Hes strength is rated as number five of the bijuus.

Seven Tails:

Name: Kaku (Shichibi)
Sex: Male
Animal: unknown
Characteristic: The speed of light.
Extra Info.: The seven tail is the god of earth, acording to his size he is the smaller of all bijuus, he is blue, and is a professioal on camuflage. Hes abilities are of controling the earth, and transform himself into anything.
He only defeated Sokou (four tailed), and lost against Nekomata (two tails), Isonade (three tails), and Yamata no Orochi (eigth tailed). Hes skills are rated as number seven of the bijuus.

Eight Tails:

Name: Yamata no Orochi knowed as Hachimata (Hachibi)
Sex: Male
Animal: White snake, the biggest of all bijuus.
Characteristics: The legendary sword Kusanagi no Tsurugi can summon magiin spirits
Extra Info.: He got spooky red eyes, eigth heads and eigth tails. He got the power of the devil world. Each head represents a symbol: Spirit, Fantom, Evil, Demon, Monster, kill, The other world, and Death. His power was somehow weak, when the members of the Kusanagi Clan attacked him, they used the legendary sword Kusanagi no Tsurugi (Orchimaru's sword). Because of that Yamata no Orocho grabed their sword absorving his power and saving it inside himself (including the sword) after this Yamata no Orochi was thougth to be the strongest of all bijuus, he threw an insane quantity of black magic that had awakened the other bujuus (they were sleeping). Yamata no Orochi proceeded on defeating most of the bijuus, but finally, when he fougth against the Kyuubi no Yoko he was defeated, the reason why? Kyuubi have unlimited chakra, unlike Yamata no Orochi or any other bijuu (that have limited chakra). From here Kyuubi no Yoko was known as the king of the bijuus. He is the second strongest bijuu.

Nine Tails:
Name: Kyuubi no Yoko known as Nine-tailed fox.
Sex: Male
Animal: Fox
Characteristics: Limitless chakra.
Extra Info.: Kyuubi no Yoko is the strongest of all bijuus, by moving one of his tails he is able to make tsunamis or even destroy mountains. Thanks to the Kyuubi Naruto is able of instantanealy restore his wounds. The limitless chakra makes Naruto very strong making him able to perform unlimited Kage Bunshins (Kage Bunshin requires the chakra like of the an Hokage). Kyuubi has never lost a battle.
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