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PostSubject: Rules   Rules Icon_minitimeWed Apr 23, 2008 11:54 am

1. Please do not curse a lot on this forum we do not want to hear every other word out of your mouth a curse word…. Thank you….. You will receive a warning for this if you do so.

2. Be respect full, courteous and kind to all and you should receive it back at the same amount as given.

3. In order to advertise anything in the advertise section it must be approved by a set off people of charge.

4. A set of people in charge is an Admin and two moderators (mods).

5. If you have a certain question on a topic then ask the set in charge of that topic/section.

6. Do not spam on this forum….. Spamming is saying things in multiple posts that can all be said in one. If you spam you will get a warning.

7. Do not create more than one account unless given permission by a set and the owner of the forum.

8. When rping you cannot rp in two different countries…. But if you are on a topic with nobody on then you may join or start a second…. But no more than two topics you may be in at one time.

9. Do not god mod in any way… this would be not getting hit or being way to powerful when it’s impossiable... we dont have a program its just a rpg. if we find out that you are dodging every attack or something you get one warning than banned and you will not be able to join again!

10. Everybody will start at academy student in a village and work their way up the ranks by doing things to gain experience . if we are in need of higher rank ninja then you will be notified by a pm

11. The jutsus here is just rp for now. so please since there is no chakra please follow rule 15.

12. There is a dice system in this forum that makes things even in battle the dice system is located here. it is not yet here so dont keep pming us asking when it will be done.

13. Character death.... if your character dies you must wait 10 minutes to revive unless your in a squad with a medical nin than 2 minutes.

14. When you post in a rping topic you must have atleast 20 words per post.

15. if your a academy student after 5 jutsus you must charge than every time you rank up add 2 more jutsus until you must charge your chakra. charging fully takes one full turn.

16. to unleash a jutsu you must have been killed by the person you wanna unleash the demon on. than when your health is 30 you can unleash your demon and 1 hit ko anyone thats in that one topic... than you are normal again.
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