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 Mana Moriko

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Mana Moriko
Mana Moriko

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PostSubject: Mana Moriko   Mana Moriko Icon_minitimeMon May 05, 2008 7:51 pm

Name: Mana Moriko (True Forest Child)

Age: 20.

Clan: Moriko.

Gender: Female.

Village: Leaf Village.

Student or Sensei to: Nbody.

Looks: She always wears black clothes, chains. and spikes, and has a dog that stays by her side all hours of the day.

Family Members: 3. Her younger brother, Hisoka (Reserved), her older brother, Hitoshi (Even tempered), and his wife, Akira (Bright).

Hisoka's Looks:Mana Moriko L_b40430ad65f2720945860e37ef9b0840

Hitoshi's Looks:Mana Moriko Ninja

Akira's Looks:Mana Moriko Ninja

Personality: She has the feeling of doom surrounding her, but can be quiet open if given the chance, she is artistic, creative, and smart.

Special Characteristics: Mana has the Five Tails:Houkou (Gobi) sealed inside her.


Clan Information: The Morioko clan originated from the Sand village 2 decades ago. Their abilities are far beyond that of the Inuzuka. The Moriko clan hss the ability to not only fight beside the dogs they are partnered up with, but become one with their mind and spirit. The main purpose of the Moriko clan is to preserve the bond between man and animal.

Moriko Dogs: Isamu (Courageous), Jun (Obediant), Amaretsu (Shining over heaven), and Amaya (Night Rain).

Isamu's Looks:Mana Moriko Wolf

Jun's Looks:Mana Moriko DOG

Amaretsu's Looks:Mana Moriko Okami

Amaya's Looks:Mana Moriko BlackDog


Ninja Rank: Jounin.

Elements: Fire,Earth.

Skills: Mana is skilled in jutsu, weaponry, animal care and control, and taming.



Weapon: Her weapons are the twin kanatas, Hikaru and Takeshi, passed down to her by her grandfather before he died.

Hikaru&Takeshi. The sword's powers are mysterious, but useful. These sword allows Mana to control fire, and bend it to her every whim.

Information On Hikaru: Hikaru is the first of the twin sword collection of twin swords. Hikaru uses a special light that is produced from it;s blade to stun the opponet before the finishing blow is dealt.

Hikaru's Looks:Mana Moriko Death_sword

Information On Takeshi: Takeshi, is the brother sword to Hikaru. Takeshi allows Mana to attack very fast, and swiftly. At the base of the hadel a poison is released that quickly spreads through the opponet's body and kills them withing a matter of seconds unless the antidote is given on the spot after the final attack is dealt.

Takeshi's Looks:Mana Moriko Blood_sword

Hideaki: Hideaki, is a fusion of Hikaru and Takeshi. It allows Mana to easily heal her body, and control both of her elements, leaving room for very powerful attacks coming from the blade itself.

Hideaki's Looks:Mana Moriko Sword


Jutsus: Meimu Kaji Meiun no Jutsu (Illusionary Fire of Doom)- The field goes completely black and the opponent sees their 'death'. They will become completely immobile due to shock. The opponents body will feel as if it is burning, and in all reality, it is. The user is given a chance to practically 'cook' them with an intense fire jutsu know as the "Fire of Doom".

Kaji Meiun no Jutsu (Fire of Doom)- An intense fire attack created by the user's chakra. It is usually a dark blue or black and can be controlled by the user as well as wielded at the hands without being burned.
earth clone- It is the most advanced clone yet even more advanced then gaaras clone for this clone can bleed but it bleed earth but somehow looks like the real blood of the user. also it has all the abilities and sent of the real user.

Rain of 1,000 Petals- Creates a rain of 1,000 petals with kinfe-like sharpness, it easily cuts through the opponet, and leaves them motionless for hours.


Background Story: When she was a young child her father abandoned her and her mother, where her mother soon died. Before her mother died she bestowed a great power upon the young child, soon to be known as the great curse to her. As years passed, Mana grew and became less and less attached to humans despite deing one herself. One day she was leaving school, only to realize that every kid there was talking about her, and pointing her out to their parents she cired as she looked up to the sky and askd, "They hate me...but why mother?" as if her mother was answering her question, she realized what she was, she looked down to the gates of her village with eyes widened, and ran for the gates. Until a short amount of time ago, Mana had lived outside of the Leaf village, wondering if she would be accepted as the person she was.

Appearance:Mana Moriko BlackNinja


Rping Example: Mana, who had been awake all night with her dogs, slowly made her way to her home where her little brother, Hisoka, would most likely be waiting on her so he could complain about her being gone all night. "Man, I'm really going to hate going home, but that's where my bed is, and where the food is," she said sleepily, as her dogs watched her make her way to the house.
"Mana, why don't you learn to come home every once in a while?...you know we are the only few people left in the clan, and yet you stay gone all night and make people think you could be dead," Hisoka complained as she walked through the house, and into the kitchen.
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Mana Moriko
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