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 T A K A D A - C L A N (Free for all members whom like to join)

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PostSubject: T A K A D A - C L A N (Free for all members whom like to join)   T A K A D A - C L A N (Free for all members whom like to join) Icon_minitimeMon May 05, 2008 11:35 pm


T A K A D A - C L A N (Free for all members whom like to join) S110
Takada Clan Symbol

Village - Originally from the Waterfall village

Clan Information - Manipulation of a unique tendril that naturally forms within their body. This tendril is believed to be created by the addition of outside substances and their blood veins. The weakness to this being that if all the tendrils are cut, then they might end up bleeding to death.

Clan History - Two hundred years ago there was an organization called the "Akatsuki" and within it was a man named Kakuzu, unique on many fronts. This man was the founder of the Senju clan of the Waterfall village nearly two hundred years before Naruto and Kakashi killed him. How could this be? simple he'd learned to create tendrils using the veins of his body, combining them with debris found along the ground, and molding them with chakra. He went on to become a legend having done battle with the First Hokage, and others. This the first recorded use of the Kekkei Genkai, but not the last. Not long after he turned from the waterfall village others of the clan began to show their ability to use their veins in the same way. Thus the kekkei genkai remained a closely guarded bloodline of the waterfall, and has been mastered only by the most dedicated to the artform.

Clan Members - Tenzo Takada(reserve), Keiko Takada(reserve), Kobiyashi Takada(reserve), other NPCs


Clan Jutsu/s

Jutsu Name - Tendril Sewing Threads

Type - Ninjutsu, Supplementary

Rank - C - 4 CP and 2 SP each turn after activation

Description/Effect - Dark tendrils that appear to be veins of the body extend from within the body of a Senju clan member, and can be used to re-attach body parts, cut, stab, or restrict movement of allies and enemies alike. However when used to re-attach body parts, such as arms, legs, and heads the this ability can in NO way cause resurrection, or reverse nerve damage (i.e. if you're head was cut off and you died. Then the head was sown back on....your still DEAD)


Jutsu Name - Katon: Zukokku "Fire Release: Intense Pain"

Type - Ninjutsu; 8 CP

Rank - A

Description/Effect - After releasing the Lion mask from a clan member's body, it can release a giant sea of fire that incinerates everything in its path.


Jutsu Name - Raiton: Anheki "Lightning Release: False Darkness"

Type - Ninjutsu; 10 CP

Rank - A

Description/Effect - Releasing the Ox mask from their body, the mask launchs out twin forks of lightning from its mouth. The bolts carry enough power to kill on direct contact.


Jutsu Name - Futon: Atsugal "Wind Release: Pressure Damage

Type - Ninjutsu; 7 CP

Rank - A

Description/Effect - Releasing the Bird mask from their body, the mask can blow a massive gust of pressurized wind from its mouth, easily leveling anything in its path


Jutsu Name - Kurogane Karada "Iron Body"

Type - Ninjutsu 7 CP

Rank - A

Description/Effect - This jutsu is used by the Snake mask, or by keeping it within the Takada member's body. It is an earth-based jutsu causing the user's skin to harden, making them virtually invulnerable to physical attacks, increases their strength, and protects from all other elemental jutsu, except Lightning based. Which can penetrate the defensive nature of the Iron Body Jutsu.


Jutsu Name - Iron Body Strike

Type - Taijutsu/ Fighting style Taijustu cost = 5 SP per activation, if mastered into fighting style the cost is 2.5 SP per activation

Rank - B

Description/Effect - Using the natural increase in physical strength and defense. A Takada clan member who has mastered this Taijutsu can advance it into a fighting style. Allowing for a master to change just an arm, or leg. To increase the power of their strike to nearly unimaginable levels. (Like how Kakuzu used the strike to knock down the 1 and a half foot thick iron doors to the Monk's temple.)


Jutsu Name - Element Stealing

Type - Ninjutsu, Supplementary

Rank - S - 20 CP

Description/Effect - Uses mysterious black tendrils to hold their body together. The hearts of up to four other slain shinobi are housed within these tendrils, granting the Takada member their elemental affinities. Each elemental spirit takes the form of a mask, black tendril mass and heart. Each elemental spirit can be controlled by the clansman either when within his body or outside. For outside the mask will burst the stitches on his back and then emerge to fight alongside him. Along with a Wind, Fire, Earth, Water, and Lightning elemental, is more than likely the Takada's own affinity. This grants them access to all five powerful elemental styles. These elementals can be killed if countered by a powerful enough opposing elemental attack which the element is weak too.


Jutsu Name - Tendril Growth

Type - Kekkei Genkai

Rank - None

Description/Effect - Combining their blood veins with outside substances including: Dirt, Plastic, Rubber, Thread, Cloth, and a host of other assorted objects. The Takada clan is able to combine them into creating the thick black tendrils that are then controlled by their chakra and minds. The strength of the tendrils varies depending on the number of them, and the level of control that a Senju has obtained over them. At their highest level their able to actaully deflect angled strikes from weapons as strong as two-handed swords (Not Zanbatos), but with a stabbing, diagonal, or chakra enhanced edge they can be easily cut through.

Stage 1: Genin: Effects: Allows a Takada to create only a dozen tendrils with a tensil strength of just enough to deflect Kunai thrown directly head on at the clans' member.

Stage 2 : Chunin: Effects: Allows for twenty-five to fifty tendrils to be created, tensil strength equal enough to deflect most projectiles (Kunai, Shuriken, Fuuma Shuriken, Senbon)

Stage 3: Jonin: Fifty to Seventy-five tendrils, strength enough to stop projectile weaponary, and single handed swords.

Stage 4: Hunter-Nin , ANBU, Med-Nin: Seventy-Five to Hundred tendrils, Strength enough to stop single and double handed swords.

Stage 5: Sannin or Kage: Hundreds of tendrils, Strength doesn't increase.

Clan Custom Summoning Serpent

Scroll Holder - Clan Elder
Contracts Signed - Takada Clan Elder
Creature Alignment - Evil
Element - None (Urei, Bed of Snakes, Shippou), Water (Hakujou, Issui), Lightning (Raikou), Wind (Fukitsu), Earth (Sobou), Fire (Burakku)

Extra - The long lost animal contract for Orochimaru’s Serpent Summoning was found by Megumi Hirohata upon discovering one of the Sannin’s old abandoned hideouts and research facility. Since Orochimaru’s time, the serpents to be summoned have been replaced. Megumi signed the contract herself and learned to control all but the head serpent, whom she summons rarely. Now, she has passed the contract down to her brother, Kenji Hirohata, to help improve his abilities..

• Name - Urei
• Rank - D
• Speacial Ability - He possesses the ability to speak, and is of average intelligence. Because of his small size, he is able to tightly coild around his master’s arm, with his head near the wrist. This way, should the summoner throw a punch and miss, Urei can strike again, independent of the first attack. He is only mildly venomous and will cause a slight numbing sensation to the limb he bites.
Description - A small serpent, about two feel long. His scales are colored a rough sandy brown, and his eyes are a bright green color. He is somewhat disagreeable by nature, but will usually do as his master commands.

• Name - Bed of Snakes
• Rank - D
• Speacial Ability - Summons dozens of tiny garder snakes that can be used to scout a surrounding area.
Description - These particular serpents are small, being no more than a foot long, and cannot to any harm to an opponent. They are very intelligent, however, and can prove to be excellent scouts, able to gather information about a surrounding area for their summoner.

• Name - Hakujou
• Rank - C
• Speacial Ability - He is slightly smarter than Urei and also possesses the ability to speak. He can use one jutsu- Water Bullet
Description - He is twice the size of Urei, at four feet long, and his scales are a pale blue in color. His eyes are bright yellow, and his fangs contain a venom that, although not causing much damage, will cause severe pain to the point of injury. Hakujou is the only serpent of the bunch that enjoys being summoned, always ready for a fight.

• Name - Raikou
• Rank - C
• Speacial Ability - He possesses the ability to speak, and can charge his body with a weak electrical current that he can use to numb his victims and slow them down if they touch.
Description - Is about ten feet long with bright yellow scales. His fangs possess a venom that will burn like acid and slowly eat away at the victim's flesh. He is very snide and rude, but does enjoy being summoned to inflict harm to his opponents.

• Name - Shippou
• Rank - B
• Speacial Ability - He possesses the ability to shed his skin to escape some attacks, and his gaze is said to be able to momentarily freeze his prey (Temporary Body Paralysis Technique). He cannot speak, however.
Description - Is roughly twenty feet long and thirty feet tall, with bright silver scales that gleam brightly in the sunlight. His fangs possess no venom, but are serrated, and can puncture an opponent and then tear it open, making the wound larger. He is usually loyal to the one who summons him, unless mistreated, in which case he will turn on his master.

• Name - Fukitsu
• Rank - A
• Speacial Ability - Fukitsu can utilize wind type jutsus- Infinite Dust Great Breakthrough, Great Cutting Whirlwind Technique, Sword of Wind, and Extreme Decapitating Air Waves.
Description - He is greatly intelligent and possesses the ability to speak. He is roughly fifty feet long and five stories tall, large enough for the summoner to ride on his head. His scales are poisonous purple in color, and his eyes are black as coals. His fangs are over twelve inches long and contain a venom that will cause flesh to deteriorate at a rapid rate around the wound. While usually not in a good mood to be summoned, he will fight as long as there are enemies for him to kill.

• Name - Issui
• Rank - A
• Speacial Ability - He possesses the ability to speak, and perform several water type jutsus- Bursting Water Collision Waves, Water Bullet, and Water Encampment Wall. He can swim with great speed and ability.
Description - Is the same size as Fukitsu, with deep blue scales speckled with a paler blue. His fangs possess no venom, however, but unlike the other summons, his mouth contains an innumerable amount of tiny, saw-like teeth that will cause immense pain to a bitten opponent.

• Name - Sobou
• Rank - A
• Speacial Ability - He is more intelligent than Hakujou, and also posessess the ability to talk. He can burrow underground, as well as use several earth type jutsus- Mud Overturn, Mausoleum Earth Dumpling, and can regurgitate his stomach acid to create an acidic Swamp of the Underworld.
Description - Is the same size as Fukitsu and Issui. His scales are a forest green, with a pale yellow sunburst pattern that decorates the length of his body, and his eyes are speckled blue. His fangs are four inches long and contain a toxic venom that will can cause severe illness within an hour after the bite. He is often sarcastic, but will serve his master.

• Name - Burakku
• Rank - S
• Speacial Ability - Burakku utilizes mostly fire type jutsus- Great Fireball Technique, Fire Dragon Projectile, Burning Ash Accumulation, Head Mincing Pain, Great Dragon Fire Technique, and Poison Mist. Can also shed his skin when needed to avoid some attacks.
Description - He is the head of all snakes, being the smartest and strongest. Possesses the ability to speak. He is more than a footbal field in length and ten stories tall. His scales are a pitch black color with white stripes spaced evenly the length of his body, and his eyes are a blazing red. The scales also have a steel-like toughness, making him resistant, although not completely immune, to physical and fire-type attacks. Atop his head are bony spines that point backwards, looking like horns. His fangs are the size of buses, with a venom that would kill any normal man instantly, although the opponent would have to worry more about being swallowed whole rather than being poisoned. Burakku despises being summoned, and is not shy about expressing his displeasure, often threatening to kill the summoner. It is extremely difficult to earn his respect so that he will do what his master asks, but if the situation suits him, he will fight.
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T A K A D A - C L A N (Free for all members whom like to join)
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