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 Custom Missions For Each Country - (Just an Idea)

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PostSubject: Custom Missions For Each Country - (Just an Idea)   Custom Missions For Each Country - (Just an Idea) Icon_minitimeTue May 06, 2008 4:23 am

Description Then the Rank of The Mission

Konoha Missions

•A local street gang in port town near the Naruto bridge has resurfaced and is sopposedly trying to bring wave country into ruins once more. Investigate as a fellow rouge nin and find their plans. A Rank

•Clean up the Hokage statues of Bird poo and what not. D Rank

•There are traps set on the road to Kumo... clean them out. C Rank

•Clean up the various graffiti around Konoha. D Rank

•Explore a cavern and retrieve a couple of rare medical herbs to restock the Konoha hospital's medical supplies. Slight chances of cave ins. C Rank

•Prevent people from Barging into my office suddenly. C Rank

•Find the lost Cat... again D Rank

•Help the local bakery gather iingredients for his cake, as well as help baking it. D Rank

•Escort a blind man as he makes his trip to the Grocery store and back to his home. Note: He doesn't know his wife asked for escorts, it's best to avoid letting him know that he is being helped. D Rank

•Guard the caravan from rice country to Konoha. Some chance of bandit attacks as well as caravan obstructions (I.E. Pothole that needs to be fixed, Broken bridges.) C Rank

•There has been rumors of a ROOT revival activist group presence in the southern regions of the fire country... investigate their causes and report back. B Rank

•The feudal lords daughter has been kidnapped! Sources say that the kidnappers have headed into the fishing town.... investigate and bring her back. The kidnappers are supposedly thugs... no talks of ninjas being involved... but there may be. (B-rank)

•None requested A known murderer is amidst Konoha. He is only that of an average shinobi as he only attacks civilians and genin shinobi... but the fact he never lefta trace of him after the scene seems that he has hunter nin experience. Go around Konoha and crack down on the perpatrator.Click here for more info on special missions B Rank

•Destroy the source of the bees that have been swarming around the Konoha hot springs, there are about 15 reported. Some require the use of chakra walking to get to. Water walking may also help.
C Rank

Suna Missions

•A group of bandits are stationed outside of Suna. Find them and fight only if necessary. Bring one back if possible. From out Intel, they are only Chunnin level. B Rank

•A child has gone missing. Find the child. C Rank

•The daughter of a rich businessman has been captured. Retrieve her at the outskirts of konoha and bring her back safely. B Rank

•Assassinate a man by the name of Kamuzashi Arori, a Jounin specializing in water based attack. The target has blatantly dishonored the village aristocracy and has kidnapped a local noble's daughter. Take him out inconspicuously and return the daughter UNSCATHED! A Rank

•Information has come in that some suspicious men are gathering a couple miles outside of Suna. Investigate and Report back, engage in battle only if Necessary. B Rank

•a relative of a famous tattoo artist has past away and has left his inheritance to a Natsu Black the inheritance is of a large amount of money and many people are after it such as greedy family members and thieves. so he is seeking shelter in Suna and will be here for a few days and will want the will brought to him find the will and deliver it to the kage there you will receive an address to take it too.
C Rank

•a thief has been running round houses and breaking in but not stealing anything! Usually we would let police handle this but the thief has been using injutsu to gain entry so be on your guard the only clues we have is that the thief has pulled apart numerous bookshelves we suspect he's looking for valuable information. C Rank

•A small country in the water country is being held captive and is under control by an organisation and has held the people there to ransom and under slavery for there deeds to revive an ancient weapon as there country seems to have some legend behind it. S Rank

•Academy class assaults a course. each member of your team will take 3 academy students on an assault course to a certain point in the desert but also have to collect three items jounins and chunins will act as resistance or attacking force. C Rank

•a shinobi who has moved to kiri needs her things taken over there escort her things to kiri C Rank

•The Kiri Nin that just moved away from Suna is in dire need. She was in a state of shock when her husband died. She left, thinking he was still alive. Track her down. And don't worry, she won't be a big threat. C Rank

•A man lost his treasured watch in a betting spree whilst drunk. He wants it back but the only way he can do so is if he assembles a soccer team to beat the person who won it off him. He needs some ninjas to help out. D Rank

Kiri Missions

•Sabotage- A shipment of goods (weapons, armor, gear) are being shipped to one of the islands the outlaws have captured. Board the ship and throw the cargo overboard. Stealth is not required A Rank

•Infiltrate the first captured island of the outlaw group. Find out their plans and abduct one of the outlaws and bring them back to kiri for questioning. S Rank

•The outlaws have been polluting the seas since they got here and some of the trash is starting to was up on the seashore. Clean it up D Rank

•A Deceitful Abduction - One of our jounins was attacked by the outlaws on his way back home from Kumo. The outlaws are long gone, so find him and bring him back for healing. C Rank

•Defence part two- the island has been attacked again by a stronger force of 10 special jounin with two more jounin leading them. Defend the island. (this mission MUST end in failure) S Rank

•Retrieve a shipment of weapons from iwa to help fight the outlaws with. C Rank

•Infiltrate the second island for recon purposes A Rank

•None The Seven swordsmen recently defended one of our islands. The islands are safe but stained with bodies. Bury the bodies and clean the island the best you can. C Rank

•Seven Swordsmen Defend-Another island is coming under attack from the outlaws. A group of 20 chuunin and two or three jounin. Defend the island. S Rank

Kumo Missions

•Groups of Rouge shinobi’s have been lurking around the woods of Kumo. These thugs have murdered mountain climbers and even Kumo genin have fallen prey to these Ronin. Investigate and detain these shinobi, use lethal force if necessary.... B Rank

•The playground at the Academy needs some work. Genin are to pick up the litter and repaint the playground equipment since the paint is chipping off. D Rank

•(solo) Details withheld. (The Raikage will tell the details of this mission only to the person directly involved as to conceal his identity from possible spies in Kumo.) A/S Rank

•A prominent political figure hailing from Tea Country needs to be escorted home. Because of his high status, his enemies want him dead. They have hired assassins to kill him. Your job is to take him home safely. B Rank

•Escort Iwa Representative Home C Rank

•An elderly couple needs help with their garden. They need a team to dewed it and plant some seeds once they are done with the former task. D Rank

•There is a cooking competition being held in Degarashi Port. A cook needs a special fish for his dish this year called a Gallumago, which can only be caught early in the morning off the coast of Taro Island . Your job is to catch this fish and make sure that it reaches the cook and that it is fresh. C Rank

•Find the vandals that has been attacking the streets each night C Rank

•Investigate activity in the known Hideouts of Orochimaru in Grass Country and Otogakure for Akatsuki and assassinate all the shinobi’s of the sound and ANY other Kumo missing nins you encounter. (See the Raikage for further details) S Rank

•there has been word that a mob is trying to take over village in kumo we believe that if the leader is killed it will fall apart so kill the mafia leader B Rank

Iwa Missions

• A crooked member of the previous iwa anbu before stone has fled to konoha to give them a record on all our ninja in hopes that konoha might attack. Eliminate him. S Rank

•A horse has broken free of its owner and is running all through iwa. Capture the horse and return it without injuring it. D Rank

•A key Iwa political figure needs to head to konoha for business. We have gathered intelligence that he is being hunted down currently. Make sure he gets there safely. B Rank

•A local weapons dealer is hiding out right outside of IWA. Bring him back for interrogation. He never goes anywhere without his two guards. B Rank

•A merchant needs to go to kumo to sell some goods. Escort him there and keep him safe from thieves/bandits. C Rank

•A river in a small village outside of iwa has been polluted heavily by passing travelers. Clean the river by removing trash, cans,ect D Rank

•A small business needs a package that they ordered. The deliverymen however have gotten lost on the road from suna. Locate them and bring them to iwa. D Rank

•A small criminal ring has supposedly taken refuge in suna. Gather intel and confirm whether or not this is true. Upon completion of this mission you will be informed of what to do next. B Rank

•A small terrorist organization comprised of three chuunin and two jounin have been heard recently talking about attacking iwa. Find and eliminate them. S Rank

• A traveling Inuzuka clan member on the road from konoha to iwa has lost his wolf. He however had to return home. Find the full grown wolf and returnit. The wolf may be hostile. Subdue him or tame him without causing any bodily harm before returning him if he is indeed hostile. C Rank

•A young blacksmith needs a package of special swords delivered to kiri. The package is fragile. Deliver it to the kiri merchant whose buying it while keeping it safe from thieves/bandits. C Rank

•Although the Suna team has already left for Suna, there was a rumor of an S rank criminal clash near their path, near the river country. Travel there and investigate if the criminal is still there. DO NOT ENGAGE, and report back to the Mission office to confirm your recon statistics. B Rank

•It is rumored that the near by village of Luna base near iwa has been attacked. Investigate if this is true or not. If an Akatsuki is still around subdue and detain them or if not possible kill them. (these mission should end in failure) A/S Rank

•Locate the Takada Clan's secret stash of judgment crystals and take one. This is an Atega Clan tradition for the clan's heir and Kimoti needs two trustworthy and skillful companions to undertake this mission. B Rank

•To assist Amedama Mogi in an attempt to discover the secrets of his parent's deaths in the mountains outside of Kumogakure. There might be ninja attacks/encounters. If you accept this mission stock up and equip for any conditions. B rank

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Custom Missions For Each Country - (Just an Idea)
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