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 Kinzuriki Blad

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Name:Kinzuriki Blad

Clan: Red Dawn



Family Members:Brother,Sister and Oncle

Ninja Rank:Student

Elements: Fire and Earth

Skills: Ninjutsu and Weaponry

Jutsus:Clone Jutsu so far^_^

Brief Summary of Character: Kinzuriki is an outgoing friendly guy who loves to be around people and friends. Kinzuriki also has a serious mental disease that turns him into a deadly, merciless, bloodthirsty, killer, that goes by the name . This disease both helps and hinders him. His split personalities are always in constant conflict with each other. \always trying to coax Kinzuriki into the darker ways of life, being the advanced genius shinobi that he is sometimes gets the best of poor genially innocent Kinzuriki who though a genius in his own right, can’t hope to match wits with .

History: Kinzuriki parents are from different clans within Konoha. Kinzuriki himself was born in is fathers camp whilst his mother died giving him birth. Kinzuriki was raised by his father born into a powerful family. He was raised not knowing the truth of his birth mother, though he did learn to love his fathers wife as a motherly figure. Kinzuriki is from a very bloodthirsty ruthless family of highly advanced assassins. His father learned that his 1st son was a true genius began training him as a deadly assassin at the early age of five, ” Because of the power at such an early age and his ruthless upbringing Kinzuriki inherited the family’s wicked thirst for blood.

Kinzuriki had a younger half brother that he loved and looked after, he truly was his brothers keeper. Shortly before he became a teenager Kinzuriki was sent away to run errands. When he returned his home was up in flames and his family was murdered never making it out of the flames alive. He could hear his brothers cries for help and then they stopped at once when he herd a crash inside. Kinzuriki wanted to go inside and help him but the blazing flames threatened his own life even from afar. He was forced to hear his families suffering and then listened to there screams die off one at a time, first his little brother then his adopted mother his fathers screams then ceased shortly afterward. Kinzuriki had sat there for three days and three nights traumatized.

When he came too, he could remember nothing, not his family, not even his own name, just the fire, just the screams. Kinzuriki also found a childlike innocence that he should have had since childhood. No thirst for blood, no un-channeled rage or hatred in his heart. Soon after he pondered as to why he was standing before smothered ash. He found various weapons on his person, he withdrew a dagger that reflected his image like a mirror. He saw that same face, his face on a half of a burnt picture. He read who it was to, Kinzuriki but the “from” was burnt away as well as the person in the other half of the picture. Since then he has been wandering the streets, always wandering. Not knowing why he has the skills he has or why he made a habit of always refining them. For a short period of time he wandered the streets alone until one day a very giving family in Konoha decided to take him in. They saw his potential and knew that with the proper guidance he would bring prosperity to the family.

One night Kinzuriki was roaming the streets when he found trouble, he wondered onto the territory of highly skilled highly dangerous shinobi. They mocked and taunted \Kinzuriki a mere genin, to the verge of tears as they surrounded him and poised to strike. Moments before they could kill him something happened, Kinzuriki could simultaneously feel his heart grow cold yet he felt lighter on his feet. Confidence grew within him to the point that even though he was completely surrounded he felt as if the others where outnumbered. Kinzurikiwas sickened by his sudden thirst for blood despite the fact that suddenly two blades seemed to find themselves in Kinzuriki hands all on there own.

Without hesitation bodies hit the floor one right after another all falling to

Keiiro managed to find a sealing expert , by the name of Oddric
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Kinzuriki Blad
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