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 Inuzuka Raikou

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Inuzuka Raikou
Inuzuka Raikou

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Ninja Profile
Name: Inuzuka Raikou
Gender: Male
Rank: Military Policeman

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PostSubject: Inuzuka Raikou   Inuzuka Raikou Icon_minitimeSun Jun 01, 2008 5:12 pm

Name: Inuzuka Raikou

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Village: Konohagakure - Hidden Leaf Village, Fire Country

Ninja Rank: Military Police / Jounin

Student to -or- sensei to : None

Family Members : Inuzuka Dageki - father, deceased; Inuzuka Shima - mother, deceased; Inuzuka Raiden - elder brother, in Otogakure Village; Inuzuka Jaden - cousin, deceased

Clan: Inuzuka

Looks: Inuzuka Raikou RealisticversionofJaden(without hood), Inuzuka Raikou RaiokenInuzuka-1with hood)

Raikou is 5 ft., 4 in. tall. He weighs 97 lbs. In other words, he is at an average height but rather skinny for his age. He has spikey blonde hair, and silver eyes that reduce to slits when he is enraged. He has the traditional Inuzuka face marks on his cheeks, and he is proud of it.

Personality: Raikou is a bit hyper. He is always cheerful, and is usually optimistic. He never lets himself be beaten at anything easily. He has developed a sarcastic side, as well, and taunting his opponents is fun to him. However, he hates treachery and will lash out against a traitor. He hates to be underestimated, or overestimated, and he tries to know exactly how strong he really is.

Special Characteristics: Gobi no Houkou - The Five-Tails Demon Dog, which controls all Elements, is sealed in Raikou.

Elements: Fire, Lightning

Skills/Specialties: Main - Taijutsu; Sub - Ninjutsu

Inuzuka Jutsus

Shikyaku no Jutsu - Four Legged Technique : The user gets down on all fours, to seem more dog-like. The user's speed and strength increase considerably during this time.

Jūjin Bunshin - Man Beast Doppelgangers : Basically the animal turns into an exact replica of the human and it also works vice-versa.

Gatsūga - Dual Piercing Fang : A powerful taijutsu attack where the user spins towards the opponent with amazing speed, in an attempt to cut and scratch them with claws, fangs, etc. In most cases, performed by two or more people/animals at the same time.

Tsūga - Piercing Fang : Basically just a solo Dual Piercing Fang.

Garōga - Dual Wolf Fang : After Kaijinmaru uses Dynamic Marking to mark a target, both he and Raikou use Man Beast Combination Transformation: Double-Headed Wolf to become a large, two-headed wolf. The two then perform a much more powerful Double Piercing Fang attack. Like the lesser version, they spin rapidly to attack their target. Unlike the previous version, however, they move so rapidly that they can't see where they're going, hence the reason for the earlier Dynamic Marking, which allows them to track their opponents via the distinctive scent. This attack is powerful enough to cut a person in two, and even dent a Rashomon gate. Even if the attack misses, its speed is so great that the surrounding air can slice like a blade. Such power is not without its drawbacks, however. Not only as does this attack effectively blind both Raikou and Kaijinmaru for its duration, but it tires them such that they can only perform it twice before requiring rest.

Jinjū Konbi Henge : Sōtōrō - Man Beast Combination Transformation : Double Headed Wolf : a modified form of a Combination Transformation, Raikou and Kaijinmaru transform themselves into a large, two-headed wolf.

Dainamikku Maakingu : Dynamic Marking(Kaijinmaru) : This jutsu involves Kaijinmaru urinating on a target, allowing both him and Inuzuka Raikou to track it by scent. The two practice this in the forest, and Kaijinmaru is accurate enough to hit multiple targets in rapid succession. This is a prerequisite for using Double Wolf Fang, since the speed of the technique makes it impossible for the user to see while using it.

Jūjin Bunshin Rendan - Man Beast Clone Combo : In this jutsu, Raikou first uses Beast Human Clone to transform Kaijinmaru into a clone of himself. Kaijinmaru then slashes the opponent with his claws while Raikou does the same behind the opponent. Raikou then slashes once more and Kaijinmaru pounces on the opponent. Raikou then flip kicks the opponent into the air and both Raikou and Kaijinmaru cross-slash the airborne opponent.

Academy Jutsus

Bunshin no Jutsu - Clone Technique : Everyone is required to know this. Requirement to Graduate as a Genin. This is a basic jutsu. It creates illusions of the caster, in other words: clones. These are basic clones that aren't real. If they are hit by something, they automatically disappear.

Kawarimi no Jutsu - Replacement Technique : It's implied in the name. The user switches his or her body with a plant, animal or anything for that matter. This is used to escape dangerous situations such as many sharp projectiles being flung at the person. Sometimes you can damage your opponent with this attack even.

Henge no Jutsu - Transformation Technique : A basic shinobi skill. Transforms the user into another different appearance. Whether they transform into another person or turn into a material thing such as a shuriken, doesn't matter.

Fire Element Jutsus

Katon : Gōkakyū no Jutsu - Fire Element : Grand Fireball Technique : A technique where the user builds up chakra in their chest and blows a large ball of fire from their mouth.

Katon : Hōsenka no Jutsu - Fire Element : Phoenix Fire Technique : A technique where the user blows multiple fire balls from his mouth. It can also be combined with throwing weapons, which creates weapons engulfed in flames.

Other Jutsus

Konoha Reppū - Leaf Gale : Using his quickness and agility, Raiga performs a spinning kick to sweep his opponent off their feet.

Konoha Daisenpū - Great Leaf Whirlwind : This jutsu involves a powerful leap forward followed by a spinning kick with both legs in succession, the second kick being aimed lower in case the intended target ducks the first.

Konoha Shōfū - Leaf Rising Wind : Using quickness and agility, the user will do a swift upwards kick at their opponent or at a weapon the opponent is wielding.

Kage Bunshin no Jutsu - Art Of The Shadow Body Splitting : Unlike the regular Bunshin no Jutsu, Kage Bunshins fight back. It's not just an illusion, it creates real clones. The power and chakra of the user is evenly devided among the clones depending on how many there are. This makes it impossible to decipher which is the real body. If a clone recieves a direct hit, the clone will disappear. This is treated as a forbidden jutsu but many advanced shinobi still know and use it. It is mainly a jounin level technique.

Kanashibari no Jutsu - Body Freeze Skill : Used to immobilize enemies. It submits an extremely large amount of fear into the target, Usually the fear of dying in battle. They picture their own death. The fear stops them and freezes them in their tracks.

Kuchiyose : Rashōmon - Summoning : Rashōmon : This summoning creates a demonic form of the main gate of old Kyoto which is capable of blocking almost any attack. It was previously believed that two people were required to summon it, as both Sakon and Ukon did; however, Orochimaru has been able to summon three of these gates by himself with his Triple Rashomon. To do so, he simply uses both hands, instead of one as is common in a summoning.

Kuchiyose : Sanjū Rashōmon - Summoning : Triple Rashōmon : The Triple Rashomon is an upgrade to the standard Summoning: Rashomon, which has its name suggest creates three Rashomon Gates. These gates serve the same function as the standard Rashomon Gate, but with triple the defense. The technique requires two summoning seals to be completed.
These gates are not invincible, an example of this was against Naruto Uzumaki's four-tailed transformation. While the gates are suppose to block any incoming attack, the four-tailed transformation managed to destroy all three in with one blast of concentrated chakra.

Konoha Senpū - Leaf Whirlwind : This jutsu is a set-up attack for a stronger jutsu. It consists of a simple, but very fast, duck followed by a powerful upward kick, which sends the opponent flying. When Guy uses this attack, he covers his foot in chakra to enhance it, making his version B-ranked.

Rasengan - Spiraling Sphere : The Rasengan is a technique invented by the Fourth Hokage, after three years of development, though it was never completed. The Rasengan was meant to be an example of nature manipulation as the Fourth meant to combine his chakra element with the Rasengan. However, he died before he could accomplish this. Despite this, the Rasengan is still a very useful, if difficult to learn, jutsu. As Jiraiya trained Naruto how to use it, learning the Rasengan was broken into three steps. The first was to burst a water balloon by spinning the water inside in multiple directions at once using only the user's chakra, which emphasizes rotation. Then the user needs to burst a rubber ball, and since rubber is thicker and air is completely different from water, it forces the user to use denser chakra to break it, this step emphasizes power. The last is to combine steps one and two by spinning chakra inside a balloon without making it move at all. Rasengan doesn't use handsigns, it relies only on the chakra control of the user, and once it's complete, it becomes self-sustaining. The chakra spinning at such a speed and compacted into such a small state allows the spinning chakra to grind whatever it comes in contact with, causing major damage to it, and can even cause internal damage. And because the Rasengan is just pure chakra, it doesn't have a definite limit of use like its counterpart, the Chidori has. While the Rasengan is a one-handed technique, in Part I, Naruto has to use three or more hands to use it, mostly due to his poor chakra control. He requires to use of his one hand to create the shell, and a shadow clone's hands to spin the chakra. When he goes into his one-tailed transformation, he was able to make a Rasengan using his hand to spin and the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox's chakra shield to create the shell. Because he mixed it with the demon fox's chakra, the Rasengan had a purplish glow, making it equal in power to Sasuke's Flapping Chidori. While in training, Naruto improved the Rasengan with the Odama Rasengan, or Great Ball Rasengan. Later Naruto mixed his Wind natured chakra to create the Wind Release: Rasengan as it was originally intended.

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Inuzuka Raikou
Inuzuka Raikou

Posts : 3
Join date : 2008-06-01
Age : 26

Ninja Profile
Name: Inuzuka Raikou
Gender: Male
Rank: Military Policeman

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PostSubject: Re: Inuzuka Raikou   Inuzuka Raikou Icon_minitimeMon Jun 02, 2008 11:03 pm

Custom Jutsus

Ninpou : Tatsumaki no Shikon - Ninja Art : Tornado Fang : The user uses Tsūga in a diagonally upward direction. The speed of the Tsūga makes the user look as if he / she is a small tornado.

Shōshō Shikon Rendan - Twin Fang Combo : A Taijutsu combo involving two people / animals. The user gets up close to the target and delivers a series of timed blows.

Shiden no Kiba - Flash Fang : The user and animal, usually canine of sorts, utilize the Thunder Element to charge lightning in their teeth / fangs. They then use Gatsūga on the target in hopes of biting them with these "lightning" fangs. If bitten, the bitten area is paralyzed for a short time.

Senkou Shintai - Flash Movement : The user's speed is increased so dramatically they become a blur when they move. Puts a strain on the feet afterwards.

Raiton : Rairyūdan no Jutsu - Thunder Element : Thunder Dragon Missle Technique : This Jutsu is exactly like Suiton : Suiryūdan no Jutsu for the most part, except the dragon missile is made of pure lightning, and this version is slightly weaker then Suiton : Suiryūdan no Jutsu.

Sonikku no Hōkō - Sonic Howl : The user howls, but using Chakra, the howl becomes so loud that it disorients everyone around the user. On a certain level, Sonikku no Houkou can rupture an opponent's ears, or temporarily deafen him / her.

Ranran no Kiba - Flaming Fang : The user's body is surrounded by fire, and the user's fangs scorch anything they bite into.

Fūton : Oufū no Jutsu - Wind Element : Cross Wind Technique : The user manipulates the air around the target(s). The air forms crosses and flys at the target(s) in a shuriken-like way. The air, of course, is invisible, so this technique is next to unavoidable.

Fūton : Oikaze no Jutsu - Wind Element : Tail Wind Technique : The user manipulates the air behind the target. The air then slams into the target, like a strong gust of wind, but concentrated.

Fūton : Icijinnokaze no Jutsu - Wind Element : Raving Wind Technique : The user manipulates the air around the target to form a small cyclone, which slams into the target.

Hyōton : Shimoyake no Jutsu - Ice Element : Frostbite Technique : The user freezes the opponent's hands and feet, giving them a bad case of frostbite and paralyzing them - both effects are temporary.

Sonikku Rendan - Sonic Combo : The user uses Senkou Shintai to increase his/her speed to sonic speeds. Using this speed, the user delivers a round of swift but powerful blows to the opponent. Cannot be dodged, although after two uses, the user's legs will be unusuable without rest. This Jutsu is a last-resort kind of Jutsu.

Gekitai Tekken - Repulse Fist : This style of fighting, created by Inuzuka Raikou, involves using Chakra in punches. By manipulating the release time of the Chakra, employing it as the blow connects, it gives the punch extra power, as if the Chakra was released in a large 'pulse' the size of the user's fist. (Like Spyro's 'Earth Breath' attack in Spyro : The Eternal Night.)

History/Background Story: Raikou is a would-be normal Inuzuka. When he was born, Gobi no Houkou was sealed inside of him. He is very talented in Ninjutsu and Taijutsu, but, however, he is terrible in Genjutsu. But another Inuzuka took interest in Raikou's training. So the Inuzuka, whose name was Raiden, started training him every day starting when he was twelve. Raikou learned many Jutsu from Raiden. However, when Raiden left and went to Otogakure Village, Raikou was immensely disappointed. He continued his training on his own, passing as a Genin when he was thirteen. He tried taking the Chuunin Exams later that year, but he failed. So he chose not to participate the next year, wanting to train more and develop strategies so he can pass. He was on a mission one day to Sunagakure Village, and there he challenged a Genin-level Sunagakure shinobi. The Genin from Sunagakure easily defeated Raikou, who was severely disappointed. He realized he hadn't tried hard enough, and he vowed to always put forth as much effort as possible. After a figt his classmate, Furukizu Uryu, Raikou gained much wisdom when it came to his fighting styles, even though the fight was never finished. He continued to gain strength, but after his dog Kaijinmaru was injured in a fight, Raikou decided to stop acting as an individual and work on his teamwork with Kaijinmaru. So far, this has served him well, and Raikou is sure that Kaijinmaru has a special ability that he hasn't revealed. This theory was proved when Kaijinmaru electrocuted Raikou's opponent by biting his hand. So naturally, Raikou was pleased and proud of his dog. Raikou was sixteen when he finally became a Chuunin. He trained hard and long in Kumogakure Village, and as a result, he developed his own Lightning Element Techniques. He trained there in Kumogakure for a half of a year before returning to Konohagakure and being promoted to Jounin. Raikou increased his training schedule, but for a Jounin, he knew few Jutsus. He decided to learn some more Jutsus, so he talked to his old sensei who had taught him as a Genin. His old sensei taught him quite a few new Jutsus, and Raikou was pleased. Now seventeen, he went on a trip to see Inuzuka Raiden in Otogakure Village. There, Raiden confessed to Raikou that he was Raikou's older brother. Raikou begged Raiden to come home to Konohagakure, but Raiden refused. He said he needed to stay in Otogakure as Konohagakure's spy. Raikou understood that Raiden's mission was important, but all the same, he was disappointed. Raiden, sensing this, promised Raikou that he'd write letters to him. Raikou knew Raiden wouldn't break his promise, so he let the subject go for the time. Raikou returned to Konohagakure when he was nearly eighteen. He applied for a job as a military police officer, and he was hired, to his happiness. Raikou has been a military police officer for nearly a year now, and he dreams of becoming the strongest Shinobi warrior ever.

Roleplay Sample: Raikou growled at his opponent, who currently had the upper hand. Raikou performed handsigns and said, "Jūjin Bunshin : Man Beast Doppelgangers!!" Raikou's dog, Kaijinmaru, turned into a replica of Raikou. Raikou threw a smokebomb at his opponent, and while the opponent was coughing and the smoke was clearing, Raikou and Kaijinmaru performed their signature move, Gatsūga. The opponent was struck dead on, but he still got up. Raikou then threw shuriken at his opponent to distract him. It worked. While the opponent was distracted, Raikou and Kaijinmaru struck again with Gatsūga. This time, Raikou's opponent went down for good. Raikou and Kaijinmaru high-fived. "Yahoo, we did it Kaijinmaru!" Raikou said cheerfully.
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Inuzuka Raikou
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