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 Mitsuhide Aketchi [working]

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mitsuhide aketchi

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PostSubject: Mitsuhide Aketchi [working]   Mitsuhide Aketchi [working] Icon_minitimeSun Apr 20, 2008 10:51 pm

Name: Mitsuhide Aketchi

Age: indeterminable

Gender: male

Village: (You can be from any country, but most rping will only take place in the main countries)

Student or Sensei to: (Optional)

Looks: has an ageless face. can be placed anywhere from ages 20-80. usually wears well fitting clothes not to baggy not to tight so as to not restrict movement. long white hair and pure golden eye with seemingly no pupil

Family Members: none known a distant relations to the hyuuga clan

Personality: he was raised among the wolves and knows little of the human society and is quite confused on the concept of clothes

Special Characteristics: a deep golden chakra that matches his eyes and eyes similar to the byakugan


Ninja Rank: student

Elements: possibly none... undecided

Main: medical arts Sub:weaponry and fuuinjutsu
(Pick two (Main and Sub): Taijutsu, Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, Medical Arts, Puppeteer, Weaponry, etc.)

Weapon: ashenderai- very like a spear with a short sword on the end

heron mark blade- a mysterious katana with a heron on handle and blade


Jutsus: none as of yet


Background Story: (A detailed story about your character's life and so on.)

Appearance: (You can paste the code from http://www.tektek.org/dream/dream.php here after you make your avatar, or paste the code for an avatar found on the internet.)
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Mitsuhide Aketchi [working]
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